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Toxicidad Diaria con Metales Pesados
toxic We have no idea of the heavy metal dangers lurking about us. So, I am gong to present common heavy metals, what they may cause in cumulative amounts and their common sources.


Constipation; Vomiting; Learning difficulties; Mental retardation; Hyperactivity; Vertigo; Gout, arthritis; kidney damage; Birth defects; Coordination inabilities; Muscle weakness; Anorexia; Seizures; Cirrhosis of the liver; Metallic taste sensations; Thyroid dysfunction; Nausea; Diarrhea; Difficulty in concentration; Confusion; Restlessness; Insomnia; Muscle aches; Fatigue; Pituitary damage; Impotence/sterility; Tremors; Degeneration of motor neurons; Schizophrenic-like behavior; Growth problems in long bones; Cataracts; Headaches; Anemia; Lead-lined gums.


Emphysema; Hypertension; Kidney damage; Arteriosclerosis; Abdominal cramps; Colic; Diarrhea; Slow healing acne; Nausea/vomiting; Liver disease; Anemia.


Tremors; Birth defects; Kidney damage; Nausea; Loss of hearing or vision; Gingivitis; Vertigo; Nervousness; Fatigue; Chromosome damage; Insanity; Abdominal pain; Vomiting; Mental retardation; Tooth loss; Headaches; Skin eruptions.


Digestive disorders; Colic; Gastritis; Dementia; Alzheimer's; Seizures; Motor and behavioral dysfunction; Skin rash; Headache.


Mental disorders; Anemia; Arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis; Hypertension; Nausea/vomiting; Hyperactivity; Schizophrenia; Insomnia; Autism; stuttering; Copper deposits in kidney, liver, brain, eyes; Postpartum psychosis; Inflammation and enlargement of liver; Heart problems; Cystic fibrosis.


Auto exhaust; Industrial smelters and paint factories; Lead water pipes; Industrial pollution in the water; Pesticide runoff; Acid rain be it industrial or volcanic; Roof paint through the catchment system; Lead paint on children's cribs which they eat because it tastes sweet; Cigarettes due to lead arsenate as an insecticide; Insecticides/fungicides; Burning newspapers due to the lead in the ink; Soldered items; Gardens near a main road; Children playing near main roads; Jogging on main roads; Commercial baby milk; Industrial materials such as nails, solder, plaster, putty; Shellfish; Gasoline; Bullets; Organ meats; Dog food; Cosmetics, Dolomite; Paper clips; Cooking utensils; Hair colorings; Wines; Leaded toothpaste tubes.

Cigarettes; Fertilizers; Water pipes; Soft drink dispensers; Coal burning; Refined foods.

Dental fillings; Pesticides/ fungicides; Pollution; Fish; Adhesives; Fabric softeners; Drugs; Coal burning; Cosmetics; Water-based paints; Chemical fertilizers; White powdered laxatives.

Deodorants; Cookware; Emulsifiers in cheese processing; Baking powder; Construction materials; Antacids; Foil; Salt (Anti-caking ingredients); Beer and soda cans; Catchment water.

Copper water pipes; Copper water heaters; Meats using copper sulfate as a growth enhancer; Frozen greens and canned greens using copper to produce an ultra-green color; Zinc deficiency; Alcoholic beverages from copper brewery equipment; Instant gas hot water heaters; Hormone pills; Pesticides. insecticides; fungicides; Copper jewelry; Copper cooking pots.

Okay, from what you read above, it is obvious that these substances can pose some serious health risks. This knowledge has come slowly and with a lot of suffering.

The entire Roman Empire routinely dosed itself with toxic lead by drinking out of lead goblets, lining its aqueducts with lead, or even adding wine in the form of lead acetate. Called "sugar of lead" to enhance its flavor and sweet taste.

In the seventeenth century the serious condition of "painter's colic" was recognized as being lead related.

Later, laws were passed to prevent rum from being made in lead-containing pots. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries lead poisoning was epidemic in the upper classes, which habitually drank an excess of lead-containing port wine.

Exposure of workers to toxic metals has been the major source of knowledge about their harmful effects. Industrial technology recognizes that toxic exposure to lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, copper, and other less common metals may cause serious disease and even be fatal.

With this awareness came the establishment of permissible levels or threshold limits to monitor workers and their environments. Blood and urine tests have been used primarily to diagnose a suspected toxicity, but for the most part estimation of probable heavy metal levels is the major preventive measure. Even among the orthodoxy there is dissatisfaction with these inexact methods and the heavy reliance on threshold limit values, which do not take into consideration individual differences between heavy metal susceptibility, other sources of contamination off the job, the effect of a closed environment, or the fact that some heavy metals like lead are cumulative in their effects.

The real question, however, has been at which point do these substances cause even a slight deviation from health? The assumption is usually that some toxic metal absorption is harmless. But many now feel that even slight amounts may cause abnormal physical and mental problems.

Threshold limits are clearly designed to protect the majority of workers from clinical disease, bit it's the subclinical symptoms of heavy metal poisoning that may be the greatest threat to the health and well-being of the industrial worker.

With the rise of industrialization, heavy metal pollution of the air, water, and the food chain became an increasing problem. Now, environmental exposure is unavoidable. By the 1950s routine tests of "symptomless"
U.S. kids showed hundreds of thousands with toxic lead levels.

Look at the variety of ways we are getting metallically polluted - cigarettes, auto exhaust, newspapers, canned foods, frozen foods, aluminum cookware, insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, water pipes, cosmetics, hair dyes, antacids, deodorants, and now the chemtrails that drop aluminum, barium and strontium on us day by day.

So, what do we do when prevention of metal poisoning is not easy, despite it being vital to health and well-being? Obviously, we need to avoid consuming contaminated foods and water for openers. All canned food or frozen green foods are suspect because of the possibility of lead-containing solder used in canned foods and copper sulfate used in canned and frozen green vegetables to give them an ultra green color to aid in marketing.

Then any food exposed to insecticides, pesticides, for fungicides could have high levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, or other toxic chemicals and should be strictly avoided. Yet, Monsanto asserts that their crops sprayed with enormous amounts of roundup Ready pesticide and the active ingredient in Agent Orange is perfectly safe and fit for human consumption.

Bottom line: the safest vegetables to eat are the ones that are organically grown. If you have your own garden, make sure you are at least 25 to 50 feet away from a major road. And the further the better.

Cooking utensils with copper or aluminum surfaces should never be used. Use stainless steel, tempered glass, or non-lead glazed earthenware.

Since heavy metals tend to concentrate within the ocean food chain, passing from bacteria to algae, then to small fish and later to big fish, it is important to stay away from fish or at least not eat too much. Eating sea vegetables is fine because they do not have muscles or flesh to store the toxins.

Then there's commercial meats, which are generally unfit for human consumption.

Water supplies are difficult to change for most people. Those living in very old houses might want to check the plumbing to be sure that lead is used nowhere in the system as the most potent dose of heavy metals comes from water in the morning after it has been in the pipes all night. To be safe, let the water run first thing in the morning for about 2 minutes to drain the crap out. Water filters work well also.

Although it is the duty of an employer to prevent occupational heavy metal poisoning, many seem clueless as to the health risk. There was a project that was undertaken with auto body shops. Spot checks were done and it was found that not a single shop required their workers to wear air filter masks while on the job.

Day after day, year after year, there workers were exposed to an incredible amount of heavy metals in the grinding, sanding, and painting process, completely oblivious to the dangers to which they were being subjected to. People involved in such industries should do a yearly hair analysis as a preventative measure.

The human fetal brain concentrates heavy metals very quickly. It is therefore essential that pregnant mothers make all efforts to avoid these poisons.

Kids are also very susceptible as well. So if a playground is near a major road, find another place for your kid to play. Even soft drinks from beverage dispensers can cause toxic metal poisoning.

And if, God forbid, your kid has learning difficulties or behavioral disorders, get him a hair analysis to discern toxic metals before being subjected to other treatments. Actually, this applies to everyone.

Let's get into detox. First and foremost the organic sulfur crystals remove toxins, heavy metals, radiation, and parasites, which everyone has.

electhealthfood Next would be short periods of citrus fruit or apple mono diets that are useful in the elimination process. Each individual will determine his her length of the initial mono diet. The more severe the toxicity, the shorter will be the first elimination. The usual period for the first mono diet is 3 to 7 days.

Following this fairly rapid detoxification would be a mostly raw foods regimen with the exception of cooked beans or lentils as protein.

The diet would consist of hot water and lemon juice as soon as you get out of bed,
Breakfast would be fresh grapefruit or green apples.
Between breakfast and lunch should be carrot juice.
Lunch should be a green salad with cooked beans or lentils.
Between lunch and dinner more carrot juice.
Dinner should be a cooked vegetarian meal with plenty of organic green vegetables, seaweeds and beans or lentils.
Then, later in the evening, some raw apple juice or carrot juice.

Oh yeah, 1 tablespoon of raw bran should be taken with all meals and Spiulina should be added whenever possible. Your water should be as pure as possible and there should be no alcohol and no cigarettes or tobacco of any kind.

This should be done for about 2 weeks.

Between you and me, the sulfur crystals are easier to do and you will detox. After it is finished the detox will never come back and you will also never get the flu. A cold, yes. The flu, no.





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